Established in 1919, Drummoyne Rowing Club is located on Henley Marine Drive, Drummoyne.  The club house fronts Sisters Bay, a small bay on Iron Cove in Sydney Harbour. It is a spectacular location giving members access to a waterway on which to train and compete.   

While it is relatively small, the club boasts a significant fleet of boats to ensure that our members have suitable equipment to meet their needs.

The club endeavors to offer the opportunity to all ages and abilities to experience the great sport of rowing.

DRC Opens, our newest program, accommodates 18-30 yrs with prior rowing experience.  The program offers structured, purposeful and challenging training with various racing opportunities in a friendly community environment.  

DRC Para Rowers - our Para program provides opportunities for those with disabilities to participate in rowing in a friendly, supportive environment.  For more information, contact President Kathleen.Hextell@drummoynerowingclub.com.au.  

DRC Masters (27 yrs +), rowers with a wide range of rowing experience, enjoy the competition and camaraderie of rowing.   Membership enquiries should be sent to memberships@drummoynerowingclub.com.au

See Learn To Row Programs for details of upcoming classes.