2022 Spring Grade Regatta, SIRC

Published Thu 20 Oct 2022

The sight of lane ropes and sparkling water brought an instant lift to one’s step and a quickening of
the pulse. SIRC was back…and what a day; near-perfect conditions, blue skies, warm air and a slight
head wind in the morning turning into an afternoon tail breeze.

A grade event at SIRC is an experience. The schools and young people come to row hard, and row
hard they do! The Masters have to gird their loins, put on a brave face and test their skills against the
younger set.

Our young guns – Sarah’s Opens - had a great day. From the get-go they snaffled up the wins and
placings. Opening proceedings, Alistair, Lucian, Joe and David showed grunt and determination with
a slick 3:26.26, in arguably the slowest water of the day, to take third in their MC4x heat. Hot on
their heels were the WC8+ of Lily, Ash B, Eve, Ali, Bec, Freya, Ash L and Bianca (coxed by the velvet
vocals of Lizzi Chapman). This combo of new and seasoned rowers easily eclipsed their rivals to set a
winning rhythm. Youth also prevailed in the WD4x, WD2x, WD8+ and MD4x (admittedly they were
helped in the WD8+ and MD4x by two of our less-than-Spring chickens, Katrina and Rob (on ya

But across the board, placings were recorded to bolster DRC’s grade point tally. We celebrated
seconds in the WD1x (Janine), WO2x (Eve and UTS), WD4x (Colleen, Bridget, Julie, Skye), WO4x (Eve
and UTS), WD4+ (Sally, Helen, Marcela, Rowena cox: Wendy). And third placings to WD4x (Helen,
Sally, Esther, Katrina), MD4+ (Andrew, Joe, David, Lucian), WD8+ (Jodie, Colleen, Skye, Sally, Helen,
Rowena, Marcela, Julie, cox: Wendy), MD4x (Richard, John, Doug, Andrew) and MD2x (Doug,

Everyone wanted a piece of the action. Ester’s pooch Alfie, boarded the Reardon and sat behind
stroke seat on pushing off from the pontoon. Not sure who was more surprised – daring dog or
startled stroke.

Cheerful banter and genial camaraderie were the call of the day culminating in a group discussion
about submitting an innovative G-string zootie design as club kit. While most were in favour, the
prototype was discarded on the pontoon in the fading afternoon light, along with some empty beer
bottles, for another time.

Ah! Another great day at SIRC!