ICC #2 a success all round

Published Mon 03 Oct 2022

Congratulations to all competing crews in the second Iron Cove Classic raced yesterday 2nd October.

Conditions were perfect for fast times and lots of overtaking around the back of Cockatoo Island with the occassional cruiser creating menacing wash.  Particular congratulations to the winning crews of the Drummoyne Composite WM, Drummoyne/Penrith Mixed and our shipmates the Ancient Mariners who squeezed out Leichhardt on the corrected prognostic time. Noteworthy also were the second place getters, whose efforts have placed Drummoyne at the top of the finisher's lists yet again. Well done everyone!

It goes without saying that launching and recovering the biggest boats in our sport on our pontoon simply isn't possible without a large amount of goodwill and cooperation. It was fabulous to see yet again how well this occurred.

Just great!