Who was Bill Beach?

Published Tue 13 Sep 2022


It was a perfect day for the inaugral Bill Beach Memoral head hosted by Shell Harbour City Rowing Club.  On the morning, the clouds cleared revealing a double rainbow reflected on almost perfect water.  What an omen!

The race briefing was delivered by Kevin Wall who was instrumental in organising the race.  Many of us remembered him from his days at Balmain.  A diehard mens crew from DRC had managed to liberate one of DRC's quads, scurry across the bay and bribe a space for the boat on Leichhardt's trailer.

It was an emotional moment for Bill Beach's great-great-great grandson Ray Pearson as he awarded the medals following the 12km dash around an island on the lake.  Back in Bill's day the island had played host to dances with the band and dancers floated out on a barge.  

Our thanks to the incredibly welcoming folks at Shellharbour who made the event possible.  As one DRC rower commented:

"Wonderful morning.  The club were so welcoming and friendly.  Felt like we were in the country..."

So who was Bill Beach?  You'll find out all about him here: